About Us

The Harp is what an Irish pub is all about. A place to meet with your friends, have a meal, or simply read the daily newspaper whilst enjoying a pint. The Harp Irish Pub began when an Irish native, Ray Connolly, decided that it was about time that Atlanta could visit a better Irish pub.

Our pub was built using authentic Irish materials. The interiors were designed and built in the spirit of Ireland by skilled craftsmen while many of the furniture and fittings came from old Irish roots, stately homes and even abandoned churches.

This attention to detail, combined with an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment has made The Harp a natural place to spend an evening, whether with old friends or to meet new ones. Couple all this to the excellent friendly service that an Irish barman provides, and you can now understand the secret of our success.

So started The Harp Irish Pub, right in the city of Roswell, very close to Atlanta. The Harp was an instant success catering for both a local and business traveler clientele. The pub enjoys great success and has added to the local community by showing the best that Ireland has to offer.