About Us




Welcome to the Harp Irish Pub locally owned and operated by way of Galway, Ireland…Ray Connolly.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend here with us. The Harp is what an Irish pub is all about. It’s a place to meet with your friends and have a meal, or simply sit and relax while enjoying a pint or two.

The Harp opened its doors November 24, 2001 and was an instant success. Great food, outstanding service, at mosphere and of course,

“the perfect pint” all make dining at The Harp a first-rate experience.

The Harp’s interior was designed and built in the spirit of Ireland. Much of the furniture came from stately homes and even abandoned churches, while the d├ęcor itself, like our photos and Knick knacks, were actually brought over from Ireland.

We hope that you have a pleasant visit and look forward to seeing you again!